Xilitla was my second solo presentation at SA SA BASSAC in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. What follows is the press release:

Xilitla, Mexico – nearly the same degree north of the equator as Phnom Penh, and the chosen paradise for Edward James’ surrealist garden cum ruins Las Pozas – is where the artist visited earlier this year, taking a photograph and some notes.

Xilitla plots representational ruins around the gallery. Scattered, interactive sculptures of sandstone made from styrofoam float atop the blue carpet. Sparse paintings mostly made of canvas circle the gallery. Angkor makes its million times removed debut at the right time and sway. A captive common hill myna occasionally speaks in Khmer.

There is a picture I took one night in the town in Mexico this room is based on. I know what I’m worried about you thinking… but however unfair, comparison is the only way to remember. Against difference, repetition is what sticks with you because it doesn’t need to change. Maybe. Working from the middle is good. As usual I find, the slowest reward is always the most satisfying or maybe the longest route is the most efficient. Take your time.

1. the compilation of recognizable murmurs

2. a room without strangers

3. a familiar wardrobe

4. being on time


6. a project that does not ask to be finished Come find me if you care to, too.